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elevenplay dance performance with drones at Spiral Hall

Japanese dance group Eleven Play perform a piece choreographed with both dancers and drones together - video embedded below:


(Related - a previous PK post with the same team in an impressive performance combining precise projection mapping onto the dancers - Link)


Quote(s) of the week - 28/04/2014

Dangerdust    |    http://behance.net/ddccad

They are dangerdust and they love chalk. Despite their overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design they bring it upon themselves to create a chalkboard every week. They have taken over the chalkboard on the third floor of Crane and every Monday a new board appears.

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The Uncomfortable | Katerina Kamprani | Via

KK decided to create and design for all the wrong reasons. Vindictive and nasty? Or a helpful study of everyday objects?
The goal is to re- design useful objects making them uncomfortable but usable and maintain the semiotics of the original item.